• Powerful S8000 engine: outstanding performance and productivity
• Tailored transmission offering: a speed to suit your need
• Impressive hydraulic performance: 84 litres/minute of flow and lift capacity of up to 2277kg
• Superior operator comfort: ergonomic excellence in a hard-wearing package
• Hydraulically assisted PTO: easy engagement
• Compact dimensions for nimble operation: 3.4 metre turning radius, 1350mm wide and a mere 2200kg in weight.

New Holland is set to strenghten its global leadership in the speciality sector with the launch of the T3F, the first ever compact speciality tractor, which continues the development of this important segment into the lower horsepower range. The four model series, producing between 37 – 52Kw (50 – 72hp), offers outstanding operator comfort and completes New Holland’s extensive speciality offering, including the multi-award winning T4000F/N/V range.

“This ground-breaking concept is set to open up new market opportunities in specialist orchard, nut and viticulture operations.” stated Mark Crakanthorp, New Holland Product Manager for Tractors under 100HP. “Operations will no longer have to trade off size for power: the new T3F will satisfy power demands in intensive applications. The impressive hydraulic offering is perfect for specialist tasks, and the compact package will protect valuable crop trees against potentially damaging rubbing and brushing.” This tractor will also be popular with market garden enterprises thanks to the foldable ROPS, creeper gears and safe, easy ingress/egress – particularly green houses. It will also appeal to broiler operations due to its exceptional manoeuvrability in sheds.

Powerful S8000 engine: outstanding performance and productivity
The entire T3F range is fitted with powerful three cylinder, 2.9 litre, turbo charged and intercooled S8000 engines, which develop from 37Kw to 52Kw enabling farmers to tailor their T3F for their individual business. Fuel efficient and reliable operation is coupled with excellent in-field performance: maximum torque of up to 295Nm is available together with up to an impressive 34% of torque backup. No matter how steep the incline or demanding the terrain, the T3F will keep going. Moreover, all engines are fully compatible with B100, 100% biodiesel.

20 x 20 transmission offering: a speed to suit your need
New Holland knows that Australian speciality businesses carry out a host of applications ranging from high speed fertilising to hand planting. A 20 x 20, 40KPH Synchro Shuttle transmission has been made as standard spec to meet those needs. 40KPH capability means valuable crops are delivered to the farm in premium condition. At the other end, Creeper ranges can achieve speeds as low as 110 metres/hour, perfect for hand planting.

The ultimate in transmission ergonomics comes courtesy of the column mounted mechanical shuttle lever, which enables operators to remain focused on the task. The column mounted range lever further enhances operating safety and comfort. The gear lever, precision placed on the right hand console, falls naturally to hand for slick gear changes. The differential lock and four wheel drive are both electro-hydraulically engaged at the touch of a precision placed button, for segment-leading performance, even when working in the slipperiest terrain.

Impressive hydraulic performance: 84 litres/minute of flow and lift capacity of up to 2277kg
The T3F benefits from two fixed displacement hydraulic pumps delivering a total of 84 litre/minute of flow. A 52 litre/minute pump is dedicated to HPL functions and 2 rear hydraulic remote couplers. Three remote couplers and a trailer brake valve are optional. The 32 litre/minute service pump ensures that the steering remains light and responsive, even during extreme braking or in demanding hydraulic applications.

New Holland’s renowned Lift-O-Matic™ system is standard throughout the entire range. This enables operators to lift and return rear mounted implements to a pre-set height by using an ergonomic rocker switch. Furthermore, the drop rate of the implement is independent of its weight, ensuring that even when the full 2277kg of lift capacity are utilised, the implement will be returned softly and smoothly to work. This ‘soft-drop’ technology will protect the T3F and the implement to enhance reliability and longevity. The rear linkage also features external cylinders which enable the operator seat to be closer to the ground, further optimising the T3F’s centre of gravity, enhancing operating safety when working on the steepest slopes.

The three remote valves are ergonomically located on the right hand console, close to the Lift-O-Matic and rear linkage controls, which all fall perfectly to hand for intuitive operation and banish twisting and turning to find controls scattered around the platform to the past.

Superior operator comfort: ergonomic excellence in a hard-wearing package
The T3F has been engineered by design to offer the optimum combination of operator comfort and hardwearing, rugged design. The entire platform has been constructed with premium materials to offer a weather-resistant finish that assures a pleasurable operating experience. The platform is suspended on isolation mounts to cushion the operator from the very harshest shocks; when combined with the accommodating travel of the seat suspension – a smooth ride is guaranteed.

Operator comfort is ensured with the T3F thanks to the generously sized seat, with back rest adjustment and a telescopic steering column. The easy to see instrument cluster, provides at-a-glance consultation of key operating parameters, and all controls fall naturally to hand having been grouped to ensure operating comfort, even at the end of long working days.

The T3F is characterised by New Holland distinctive eye-catching styling, common across the entire tractor range, culminating in hallmark ‘cat eye’ lights, which effectively illuminate even the darkest yard and shed corners.

Hydraulically assisted PTO: easy engagement
The T3F is fitted with hydraulically assisted PTO actuation, which offers near-effortless PTO engagement. Furthermore, when the tractor is turned off, the PTO will automatically disengage for enhanced operating safety. Two PTO speeds are available: both 540 and 540E, the latter achieved at a mere 1592 erpm for even quieter operation.

Compact dimensions for nimble operation: 3.4 metre turning radius, 1350mm wide and a mere 2200kg in weight.
When working in vineyards and orchards, valuable fruit can be easily damaged as the tractor brushes past. The T3F is ultra-narrow, a mere 1350 wide, a full 60mm less than the T4000F, enabling operators to pass between even the narrowest rows without damaging precious crops. The short wheelbase of 1860mm, when combined with the 45° turning angle, delivers an impressive 3.4 metre turning radius to ensure that the T3F will be able to nip round even the tightest row ends even faster, reducing the amount of turning time.

Model Specification
The new numbering on the T3F series makes the models’ performance immediately obvious. The ‘F’ refers to ‘Frutteto’ or orchard tractors, and the first digit, the ‘3’, positions the model in the complete New Holland tractor family. The numbers following the dot denote the model’s maximum horsepower.

The T3F product line up will be available from March 2017